Joy of Life Project came about in June 2015 after founder Lizzie Brubaker lost both her maternal and paternal grandmothers over the course of four months. Lucile Brubaker and Nancy Morrison were the epitome of hospitality. They made everyone feel warm and welcome at any event they were hosting both inside and outside the home.

Lucy (Grammy as her grandchildren called her) would never do a reading for the family with hot food on the table! After the prayer she would pull the rolls out of the oven so they were as warm as they could possibly be.

Nancy (Granny as her grandchildren called her) loved sharing beautiful things with others. As she was moving from Shreveport to Denver she met Lizzie halfway between Dallas and Shreveport to give her her kitchen table and some of her most beautiful dishes. That table and those dishes allowed Lizzie to host sorority sisters at her apartment for a home cooked meal during their senior year of college. Nancy spent many years devoted to her church serving a weekly meal to more than 50 elderly people.

Lizzie's goal is to emulate her grandmothers and continue their legacy.