"Joy of Life Project, Lizzie Brubaker’s creation, is what made my wedding the wedding of my dreams... I think this situation perhaps perfectly captures Lizzie and the magic of working with Joy of Life Project: I realized, after scheduling the photographer to just begin taking photos at the venue, that I was slightly upset that I wouldn’t have any ‘getting ready’ photos of me at the hotel before I was totally bridal. I mentioned this in passing to Lizzie during a meeting we had the week of the wedding to finalize any loose ends. Day of wedding, my photographer shows up at the hotel to take the classic getting ready shots of me and bridesmaids and mom and sisters, as well as the groom and his dad and groomsmen. Lizzie took what I said to heart, instinctively knew it was something that was actually quite important to me, and arranged it without me having to do anything or stress.

Joy of Life Project is the definition of what a boutique service should be. I can confidently say that my wedding was even better than what I always imagined, and Lizzie, with her company Joy of Life Project, was the glue that all of my ideas and wishes required to cohesively create an event that I will never forget. Thank you Lizzie, Joy of Life Project, for hitting it out of the park and I look forward to another collaborative experience in the future (vow renewal!?). "

Married July 2016

“Lizzie organized an incredible engagement party for me and my Fiancé. The party was a hit! Lizzie added personalized touches to the party starting with a beautiful Paperless Post evite that incorporated our wedding colors and ending with placing engagement photos of me and my fiancé throughout the apartment. She did not let me worry about a thing. Lizzie took care of everything."

Surprised her fianc
é with an engagement party September 2015


"Thanks to Elisabeth and the Joy of Life Project for scoring us a last minute dinner reservation at a restaurant that just received two Michelin stars. Earlier this fall I was able to surprise my wife on our wedding anniversary when we both found out only  hours before that we were free of our work commitments. It's rare for things to go this smoothly, especially on such short notice. We have Elisabeth and her team to thank for this.  Throughout the entire process she was equal parts professional and calming."

Surprised his wife on their anniversary October 2015


“As an organized Type A bride, I was challenged with a task of organizing 150 wedding guests all staying at the same hotel. How could we ensure we had everyone before the buses departed? I needed to be primping and pampering, not stressing. Lizzie is the one and only person who came to mind to handle the task. Clipboard and pen in hand, she effortlessly orchestrated the buses, called hotel room phones for straggling guests, and managed to make sure we had everyone to arrive at the wedding at the same time. Weddings typically have everyone arrive at staggered times; how unusual to have everyone arrive at the same time and file into seats on time. Lizzie upheld the task with professionalism and grace. She is dependable, loyal, organized, cheerful, fun, and truly a joy to be around. She made my wedding day complete. This stressed out, micromanaging bride was able to sit back for a bit, thanks to Lizzie!"

Married October 2014


"Lizzie is the type of person who is genuinely interested in others' well-being way before her own. During our wedding weekend, she voluntarily jumped in and took a load off our plate by feeding and taking out our two family dogs that were stuck in the hotel room during the reception. What a help that was when we had plenty else to worry about that day. The pups were quite thankful as well!"

Married August 2012